Our story


Who we are?

For nearly 30 years Les Mills has been making the world a fitter place. Since the early 1980s, Les Mills has created scientifically backed group fitness classes to help millions of people across the world achieve their health and fitness goals.

However, in recent years there has been a global increase in inactivity and obesity amongst the young. We felt it was vital that children were given the chance to learn about, be inspired by and experience physical activity so that they could live happier lives. To help achieve this Les Mills Fund for Children was created.We are a charitable fund that operates under DM Thomas Foundation for Young People. Our mission is to create a healthier and fitter planet and we want to make the opportunity available to everyone. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a reality so we want to do our bit to ensure as many children as we can get the opportunity to grow up healthy, fit and most importantly; happy.

What do we do?

Started as an outlet for the charitable efforts made by Les Mills UK, LMFC works with carefully selected organisations who share our values and have the resources available to help children LMFC raises money to fund other charitable projects within the UK. In order to raise money, our dedicated team carry out a wide range of charitable work.

How do we do it?

Les Mills has been at the forefront of creating a global fitness community for 30 years and has a strong following which includes trainers, instructors, fitness enthusiasts and general consumers. By using our extensive community, we are able to generate funds through targeted direct mail, events, licensed products, and services and online activities. This has allowed us to build a loyal and responsive database of donors, who feel involved in what we do. As we receive no funding from the government or statutory bodies it is vital that we continue to develop all of these sources.

How do we use it?

We award the funds raised to organisations who we believe will do their most to improve the education and physical and emotional wellbeing of children.

Our advisory committee meets every 3 months to invite grant proposals from charities and individual projects, working in the youth health and fitness field. Our advisory committee (AC) comprises of senior Les Mills executives and independent experts in the fields of education, health and fitness. Its members meet to evaluate the proposals and advise the board on the most appropriate areas for support. Once the AC has graded the proposals we fund as many as we can of the projects which achieve the highest scores.

All operating costs of LMFC are funded by Les Mills UK so that every net pound raised goes directly to good causes.

How are we governed?

LMFC is operated by DM Thomas Foundation for Young People which is overseen by seven trustees and operationalised by an executive office. The Foundation manage the distribution of funds to ensure we meet all legal requirements.

There is also an advisory committee who consider applications for charity grant funding. The AC comprises of senior Les Mills executives and independent experts in the fields of education, health and fitness. Grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis when the committee meets.